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September 12, 2009

Moving, be back soon

— on the fly

August 10, 2009

Sex offenders

I got a new iphone and one of the applications that really got my attention is “Locator”.


It uses your phone’s GPS to locate all the sex offenders that live in your hood, mostly pedophiles.

What really got to me is that it also shows you photos of them.

Much can be said about privacy but I couldn’t stop searching up the ones that live down my block.

Then I got to Bombay Beach and decided to check out the offenders here.

While sitting in my car and waiting for CJ to come out I saw the first photo uploading.

It was of a man I’ve been filming here.

A very strange moment. His eyes were red in the photo just like they are in life.

Level 1 said the category. He tried to seduce children under 14 years old.

I’ll be filming him again this weekend.

Here is the link in case you live in the US and has a curiosity for people that can’t help them selves

August 7, 2009

Amos Passed Away

Shlomtion and Rona’s father died yesterday

His name was Amos Kenan and he was one of the most important writers and symbols of Israel.

I’m thinking about them and here are some posts in the mood.

July 21, 2009


Got up at 3 in the morning to shoot the sunrise and CJ’s football practice. It was good to be up early when it’s not hot yet and the sunset was mind expanding.

I don’t see them enough, especially since I don’t stay up so late any more and to get up so early is something you need a reason for.

Filmed until 3pm, got back home, ate pasta and went to bed at 6. I just woke up 12 hours later. Missed the sunset

I had long form dreams.

Yesterday I noticed something weird. When I film early in the morning my mind starts to think in lenses focal length.

It’s kind of disturbing. I’ll try to drive or park and I hear my thoughts going – I can’t park here I have the long lens on. I should change to the 28mm so I can back up first.

What on earth is that.

Then when I get on the road it will go on for a few hours. If there’s a bridge I’ll hear my mind saying. That’s a narrow bridge I should change to the wide lens so It’s easier to be steady.


July 14, 2009


Had my birthday here at the Salton Sea.

Got stuck with no gas on the way back to Indio but the full moon’s reflection on the water was painfully beautiful

I guess Triple A is my new love and for one night 7$ worth of gas were better than a dozen of roses


June 9, 2009

I need some sleep

Holly Mountain

June 8, 2009


I’m going to try and write about my work. About the process or maybe about things that inspire me and I want to remember.

I just updated my web site and saw the emails people write me from time to time. Maybe this will be a better way.

Listen to me now