Bombay Beach goes UK!

Bombay Beach will be screening at the Sheffield Documentary Festival on June 9 and 10, then at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 18 and 24.

We hope to see you there!

We have a competition for free tickets and a poster running on twitter. Are you following us? @bombaybeach.

2 Comments to “Bombay Beach goes UK!”

  1. My daughter and I have visited this desolate, poignant, yet somehow lovely, hamlet on the edge of the earth. We would love to see this film and are wondering if there will be any screenings in the Southern California area? We live in Laguna Beach and would travel a good distance. The trailer alone is striking and heart-wrenching.

  2. Hi Alma

    I just wanted to say well done again for Bombay Beach (I saw it at the Sheff Doc Fest and we chatted briefly after Dastardly Dick and Righteous Richard – I was the one making despairing noises) and it was fantastic. I am just entering the big bad world of documentary, having mainly worked in theatre up till this point – and it was very inspiring to see such a beautiful interweaving of lyrical, choreographed moments alongside “observational” footage to tell the stories of the characters and the landscape.

    In some of the theatre pieces I have done, we have been working with placing the audience at the centre of the experience, making them almost characters in the piece – and have worked with a mixture of talking to the audiences in real time and space, as well as working with more”theatrical” poetic staging. it feels similiar in some ways and inspires me to bring some of what i have been doing into this field and not dump it on the doorstep of documentary!

    Anyway, well done and all the best for your next project!

    Marigold 🙂

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