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August 4, 2009

Flat Tire

Had one today. 110 Degrees.

Now I know how to change one by my self.

This is the best trip I ever took.

Here is Ben with an Ice Cone to prove my point

Ice Cone

August 4, 2009

Desert Shells

One of the spots he took me had Sea Shells every where.

He picks them up and saves them.

Red Sea Shells Wide Clip #28Red SeashellsRed Seashells 2 Clip #27

August 4, 2009

Off The Road…

Road Clip #6IMG00256

August 4, 2009


Red is 92 years old and he lives in Slab City

He took me on a 5 hours ride on his 4 wheeler to see some places in the desert you can’t get to with a car.

I was afraid to go at first since I don’t really know him but he was an absolute gentleman and drove that thing like a pro. What a strong man.

He smokes, drinks, lives in the sun and drives for hours in the desert.

he also has a truck.

Red Smoke

Red Bed


Red Mirror