Got up at 3 in the morning to shoot the sunrise and CJ’s football practice. It was good to be up early when it’s not hot yet and the sunset was mind expanding.

I don’t see them enough, especially since I don’t stay up so late any more and to get up so early is something you need a reason for.

Filmed until 3pm, got back home, ate pasta and went to bed at 6. I just woke up 12 hours later. Missed the sunset

I had long form dreams.

Yesterday I noticed something weird. When I film early in the morning my mind starts to think in lenses focal length.

It’s kind of disturbing. I’ll try to drive or park and I hear my thoughts going – I can’t park here I have the long lens on. I should change to the 28mm so I can back up first.

What on earth is that.

Then when I get on the road it will go on for a few hours. If there’s a bridge I’ll hear my mind saying. That’s a narrow bridge I should change to the wide lens so It’s easier to be steady.


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