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July 20, 2009

Horror Porn

So since the heat is a ON (115 – 120F) and the place I’m renting is in Indio, I’m about an hour drive from an AC or a shower.

At first it was fine because I would just come and shoot magic hour or spend a few hours at the Parrishes when I needed shelter.

Now it’s getting too crazy. Some times the equipment starts melting if I leave it in the car for too long and I’m spending the whole day here and not just a few hours.

I also need to record clean sound so I decided to rent the only available room in Bombay Beach. It’s a B&B

Upon renting it the lovely lady informed me that funny enough, they just shot a film there. I’ll be following a tradition.

A horror… mumble .

A Horror film? I ask

A Horror porn. “You know… A Horror porn… A lot of fake blood all over the room. A lot of cleaning to do when they left”

Needless to say I will not be spending the night but it’s lovely to have this corner.

Here is my equipment. This includes lights and sound mind you.

I wish I could pack so little when I go on vacation. One day. When I’m old and less vein


July 20, 2009

Today was hot

I’ve never done a triathlon and can hardly run 2 miles so I think this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done physically.

I’m actually enjoying it. The hardest part is the heat but since I’m alone I feel comfortable sweating in ways I didn’t know possible.

I think I was sweating from my eyes today.

I drink water and gatorade constantly. I get very dizzy if I don’t drink a whole bottle after 15 minutes in the sun. It’s 120 F

The heat breaks around 7 or 8 in the evening and then comes the Royal Salton Sea Sunset.

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