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June 19, 2009

Miles and Miles


This whole week has been about getting the right equipment. I took back the Super Speed Ziess lenses. They were too heavy and I feel like the still ones give a pretty image.

They’re cheaper, lighter and I can buy them. I’m here alone so it makes not a lot of sense to run around with a set of lenses in the middle of the desert. I need a chick set up.

I feel like a Bedouin truck driver tonight

I drove from LA to Indio -140 miles

From Indio to the Salton Sea – 40 miles

From the Salton Sea to Rancho Mirage – 55 miles

And then from the The Rancho Mirage to Indio – 15 miles

That comes down to 250 miles which is my all time record for one day.

June 17, 2009

Concubine – new beirut video

This is how it all started.

How I met the Parrish family while hanging out in Coachella looking for an ending for this video

June 13, 2009

What went wrong

The Mic, the Mic’s cable and the back focus on the camera adapter.

Had to go back to LA to fix everything and I’m now driving to Indio again.

June 11, 2009

Indian Palms

My dog, Zusa and me arrived at Indian palms, Indio today. About half an hour from Palm Springs.

It was the first time I ever drove the free way by my self. I took 2 driving lessons to have enough courage to do it.

I left at 6 in the morning so the roads will be clear and we made it here.

I’m planning to stay here for 2 months and hopefully shoot a full length film at Bombay Beach. A very small place in the middle of the desert.

I’m shooting it by my self and recording the sound, I want to try and write a few words every day. it’s going to be very hot and I’m worried that my back will give in.

I might buy one of those belts to try and help my posture when I’m holding all the equipment.

Tomorrow I’m going to the Perish family to start shooting Mike and Sara.

Mike MikeMikeSaraPerish Family

June 9, 2009



June 9, 2009

I need some sleep

Holly Mountain

June 8, 2009

She has something in her hair

I have something in my hair

June 8, 2009

Jack Penate – Be The One Shoot

Looks like the second video I did for Jack Penate (XL records) might not come out. Some photos from it instead then –

June 8, 2009

3AM – The Shrew

Oh tender render, let us go home

Oh Tender render, let us go home

June 8, 2009


I’m going to try and write about my work. About the process or maybe about things that inspire me and I want to remember.

I just updated my web site and saw the emails people write me from time to time. Maybe this will be a better way.

Listen to me now